Friday, July 15, 2011

Behind closed doors

And at the library, in the car, outside on the backporch. Oh, yeah, it's happening. It's fresh and new and sometimes we make noises.

MathMan and I are getting back to our old selves. Not the bad old selves - though it's going to take vigilance to make sure those lazy, inert, bad spouses don't ever take up residence again - but the selves who met in 1987 and cracked each other up. Who got married and during the ceremony the rabbi told everyone how much he liked that we laughed at our pre-wedding meetings. I like these selves, though sometimes we can be very inappropriate.

Today we were in the library. I noticed the book How to Do Your Own Divorce on the shelf. I picked it up and handed it to MathMan without a word. He promptly handed it back to me.

"It's just one more thing we've failed at."

Yeah, thank goodness.